Hi, I'm new to physics forums.

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Hi my names DocHoliday.

I see how many very insightful and well written pieces you guys have had on numerous problems and thus have decided to join the forums. A Large Thanks to the whole community is in order as you have helped me through a few things without me even being a member!

I'm currently studying in college about 24/7 as this subject, along with my math, comes very hard to me.

If this is the wrong place for this post, I would kindly ask a moderator to move it to the correct section. I looked for an introduction section but was unable to locate it.

Thanks for reading,


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This is, indeed, the right place. Welcome to PF, Doc.
Go easy on the nitrous oxide, leave your shotgun at home, and dive in. :biggrin:
Please advise us as to what sort of fish you favour.
Thanks for the welcome. After getting my associates in computer science, I am now taking calculus 2 and 3 over the summer along with the first basic physics sequence. I have no clue what I want to study yet, although my B.S. will be in astrophysics.

To graduate in 2015 I have to do astrophysics, otherwise it will take me until 2016 to get physics because of 1 class difference. I still am doing all the physics courses I can take as an undergrad except 1, advanced physics lab.

I have no clue what I want to study yet, although I would love to go to graduate school. I attend Michigan State University.
Got any favorite fish (or whale)??
Halibut :D But probably theoretical work with plasma physics. Although nuclear physics very much interests me also.

I hope through this site and a few more classes I can find something about physics I will enjoy above others. Otherwise for now I've always loved math and I enjoy the problem solving of all physics equations very much.


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*Smacks a HUGE, floppy halibut onto DocHoliday's nose (and, accidentally, on the rest of his body**)*

You are now PROPERLY introduced, and welcomed at PF! :approve:

** It's not MY fault you chose a halibut. I chose a sardine..


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Welcome to PF DocHoliday. Here's a little fish to slap you with from me.


You're going to love it here.

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