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Hi ( I'm new )

  1. May 22, 2004 #1
    Hey guys, I'm not sure if introduction posts are the norm here or not.. if not then I'm risking looking like a klutz eh? Hehe...

    Anyway I just posted my first message in a book thread and thought I'd make an official "Hello" post here. It's 2 AM and I have nothing to do so I decided to take a look at these forums ( which I stumbled upon a few months ago ) and they look pretty cool, plus with my ongoing boredom from summer vacation I thought this might be a good place to kill some time.

    Anywho, a bit about myself. My name is Steve, I am 20, and I just finished my first year at the University of Waterloo as a Physics Major :) I am currentley unemployed :( And very bored.

    Just a question for all you out there, did you find first year hard? I mean, my average is 65%, which is like a 20% drop from highschool, and I was wondering if that was normal, or am I dumb and should move on to arts? I know it sure felt like I should with some of the guys in my class :S

    Hehe, oh well I survived and am looking forward to get some revenge next year. Hopefully this place will help me kick it up a notch ;) Anyway I am rambling, it's 2 AM, time for bed. Almost finished welcoming myself to your forums... Hope to learn a lot and maybe even have some fun here...

    Yay Physics!
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    Welcome, speg!! :biggrin: Ontario? Is that where you are from?

    First year is usually a VERY humbling experience. (obviously not humbling enough if you consider people who gravitate to the arts 'dumb'. :wink::biggrin: - be careful with that as we have plenty of people from the arts here and might take offense - although I know that many of the science guys do feel that way about the arts people... :rolleyes:...) Hang in there with second year. It will get better! Truly!

    You'll find a lot of excellent help with your studies in the other forums and lots of other REALLY interesting stuff, too. :wink: We have a lot of incredibly intelligent and generous people offering their time and knowledge to educate anyone who asks questions. It's a great place to hang out. Come to Gen. Discussion for your laughs, though. Most of the chuckles are here! :biggrin:

    Tell your friends!!
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    Me too, but greetings anyway !

    I made straight A's until my third year when I made one B. I never recovered from the devastation and vowed revenge against a system that could do me so wrong (the nerve!) :biggrin:

    I think your 65% needs to be improved upon, to be honest. I doubt you have a weak mind but suspect as the Gov. of CA would say; you lack discipline!

    No doubt about it; you will find much help at PF, possibly becoming a phreak for physics in the process.

    Good luck !!!
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