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Hi, I'm new.

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    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I came here because I was told by a friend that the forums are great for getting help on classwork/homework.

    Aside from that, I came here to learn more about science. I always thought that science was about experiments and wearing white lab coats and growing long, bushy beards that you can stroke while pondering about things (of course if you can't grow a beard you could always buy one and stroke that). I quickly came to realize that this is not true, and that I can't do science. So instead of giving up, I have decided to broaden my understanding of science in general.

    I hope to learn and grow on this forum, and make friends with lots of e-strangers along the way!

    TD;LR - I'm new, nice to meet you.
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    Welcome to PF, ShakeSpee :smile:!
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    There's plenty that can be learned here. Welcome to PF.
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    Welcome to PF!

    What's your favorite fish, by the way? :smile:
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    You're not, by any chance the poster formerly/currently known as "NoodleDurh", are you? The only reason I'm asking is because your username seems oddly coincidental after one of Noodle's recent posts:

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    Hi. Sorry its been a while.

    lisab - Thanks its nice to meet you!

    dlgoff - I look forward to learning a lot!

    jtbell - Thank you! My favorite fish to look at is a tie between Angelfish and Pufferfish, and my favorite fish to eat is Salmon.

    Curious - No, I'm not NoodleDurh, but he (or she!) has a great taste in usernames!
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    YAY...ooohh...pufferfish, haven't initiated anyone with one of those yet.



    Welcome to PF!!! :approve:
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    Its like a big ballon that could go POOF!
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    Welcome to the forum ShakeSpee. :)
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    Thank you Gad!
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