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Hi! I'm the new kid :D

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    Hey everyone, so I'm new here. I'm studying Computer Science, it's my first year and I'm an undergrad.
    I signed up because this forum keeps on showing up when I search for things so it just seemed logical to be able to contribute (and to ask questions haha)
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    Welcome to PF!

    What are your interests in Comp Sci?

    I've been looking at the Elm programming language. It's positioned to become the successor to Javascript for web applications. Its really cool.
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    Well, we're just starting out so we're just working with C++, C# and Java for now so right now I'm just into learning all I can. I might not be an expert yet, but I love solving problems and "thinking like a computer" (or at least that's how I call it in my mind. It makes me feel cool.) So it's a start!
    I'll have to look into the Elm language, I've never heard of it before!
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    Here's an Elm video by its developer:

    Pretty humorous too!
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