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Hi! Just introducing myself!

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    Hello friends!
    My name is Dev. An Indian by nationality but a Global Citizen in my outlook ! Academically I'm a bachelor's degree holder in electronics and telecommunication engineering and worked for more than two decades as an a engineer and as a later as a lecturer of engineering subjects as well as Maths and Physics up to UG levels.Though an engineer by profession I've been a voracious reader of Literature,Politics, Economics and Travelogues and had been of interest in almost all subjects under the sun during my younger years! Just recently I developed bit of serious interest in the Spiritual aspects of Maths & Physics, Astrophysics and Astrology ( May be because of getting old ...! :-)). Hoping to be able to learn a lot about Maths&Physicsand especially on those areas of my interest from my well learned friends in this group, especially on the recent happenings in those areas. Hope to learn a lot and share some of my little knowledge with my friends in this group in the forthcoming days ahead!
    -Thanks for being admitted into this group.
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    Welcome to PF Dev!
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    Electronics and tel-comm ehh?

    We must be inter-dimensional brothers or something! Welcome my RF brother. Back to riding the electric and magnetic intergalactic highway whilst lassoing gravitation waves for fun.

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