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Hi! (New Member Intro)

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    Hey all! Thank you guys in advance for taking the time to help me learn!
    A little about me: I'm a junior in undergrad, working my way towards a physics PhD. I currently do research in an Atomic & Molecular Optics lab here at school. I don't really have any particular areas of interest in physics. I'm flexible. As far as background, I've been studying physics since 2011, so fourish years now. I've done the standard undergrad studies (relativity, quantum, classical mechanics, E&M, etc.) and done some GR and QFT independently. On the math end, I've taken classes up to differential geometry and self-studied Lie theory, functional analysis, algebraic topology, and that kind of stuff, but I've taken more of an interest in numerical math and computation since this semester. I get to use/play with the numerical stuff way more often. Anyhoo, that's me.

    Looking forward to being engaged here!
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    Welcome to PF!
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