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Hi pls help me

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    out of my own interest i wanna present papers in various symposiums.
    i am an electronics n communication enginerin student. i'd b obliged if u could provide me a list of probable topics on which papers could b presented in my field ( ECE) by me.

    thanks in advance

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    If you're not joking, and you really wanna present papers, then you might want to clean up your grammar and spelling a bit. Practice makes perfect, eh? :rolleyes:

    What school are you attending, and what year are you? Are you a member of the IEEE yet? That would be a great place for you to start looking for symposium information.
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    What makes you think he'll present them in English?
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    i don't quiet get you seshan. If you wanna present something then work on something that is interesting to you. Then you can present your results....
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