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Homework Help: Hi, pls help with basic maths

  1. May 12, 2004 #1
    Hi, I'm sorry if this is a really dumb question...

    how do you compute 10E4.2 on the calculator?

    thanks in advance..
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    10 x 10^4.2
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    thanks enigma... I know it's a "silly" question.... but appreciate it! cseet
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    notational questions are never silly. Lots of people get completely lost - not because they dont understand - but simply because they have never been taught the notation (happened to me many a time).
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    Unfortunately, Enigma's answer seems to me to be wrong. The question was
    to compute "10E4.2", i.e. "10 to the exponent 4.2" and should be 10^(4.2), NOT
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    Usually in exponent notation xEy = x * 10^y.
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    1e1 is 10.
    2e2 is 200.
    10e4.2 is 158489.319...

    Halls, you're thinking of


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    yes on the calculators "E represents times 10 to the"
    so 10E4.2
    10 "time 10 to the" 4.2
    just inser the phrase wherever e is
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