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Homework Help: Hi ppl I need some help on leakage current in a dielectric and current-temp relation.

  1. Feb 2, 2009 #1
    1. Is there any formula for calculating the leakage current carried by a dielectric in a capacitor?

    2. A battery-powered light bulb has a tungsten filament. When the switch connecting the bulb to the battery is first turned on and the temperature of the bulb is 20 ^\circ {\rm C}, the current in the bulb is 0.860 {\rm A}. After the bulb has been on for 30 {\rm s}, the current is 0.220 {\rm A}.What is then the temperature of the filament?

    for number 2, is there any formula relating current to temp ? I looked thru the net and my coursework but found no such formula. Any help for these 2 questions would be greatly appreciated!
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