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Hi there everyone!

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    Hi there!

    My name is Neil Hayes and I've used this site a lot for help in gaining a better understanding of electrical and electronic principles over the last year. I've about 1 year left in the course I'm studying at the moment and I really can't wait to close the books and get stuck into some actual engineering work!
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    Welcome to PF!

    What are your engineering interests?
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    Cheers for the welcome!

    I'm studying electrical and electronic engineering at the moment and I'm currently employed by an electrical engineering firm with the job of testing installations etc. I've worked in many European countries doing the same work.

    I'm about half way through my course which is being done through distance learning. I find the course material very poor to be honest and with the exception of one or two good tutors the whole experience has been filled with a lot more frustrations than joys but I feel that when I'm finished it will 100% feel like a much greater achievement.

    This site really has helped me a lot already. I'm don't know why I didn't sign up when I first saw the site to be honest. I feel that the main draw back from doing a full time course is that lack of interaction with other like minded people. The are still many small holes in my knowledge but I'm improving day by day!

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