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Hi there, I am Ïu

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    I am Ïu and I am a Physics enthusiast for the time being, in fact my intention is to become a Physicist in the future (I am in high school).
    It all started one day that, without much intention, I took a book from my school's library, it was the Physics class book for the last level of high school. I was just astonished by what I saw there, I loved it from the very first moment. I was eleven.
    After that I bought some books related to Physics such as "History of time" (Stephen Hawking), or "Why does E=mc2" (Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw) among others. I started to watch Walter Lewin's lectures at MIT.
    I begun my journey through Physics. My intention is for it to continue here.
    I am very happy to be here.
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    Welcome to PF!

    I had similar experience in 6th grade reading a biography of A. Einstein and from there many other physics books until getting distracted by computer technology.
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