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Hi there:)

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    Hello everyone..:angel:

    My name is Muhlis, I join to you from Istanbul:) I'm 29. I'm an electrical and electronics engineer. Also I'm working for a machine factory in my department in Istanbul. I dresign to electrical project of machines and I'm interested to industrial control softwares (PLC Systems) By the way my other part is electronic circuits:) I interested to electronic circuitts design in my free time:oldcool:

    I have seen too many excited topic here, I will surf around of forum about one week:devil: The guys like so helpful here, this is a nice sound:oldcool:

    Nice to see all of you:angel:
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    Also I'm not a queistion mark:woot: I will upload an awesome picture of me:cool:
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Thanks boss. :smile:
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