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Hi there!

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    Hello, everyone!

    My name's Yuxiao Xie. I'm actually a high school student, so nearly no background. I'm just obssessed about mathematics. In fact, I've been self-teaching mathematics analysis (using baby Rudin). I somewhat hated physics, until just recently, I had the strange idea of reading Griffiths' electrodynamics (I just wanted to see physics using higher mathematics as tools, you know, high school physics doesn't even use calculus!), and I found Maxwell's theory so beautiful! So I'm considering studying physics, too. :)

    So I hope to find learning partners and guidance about my self-study here. I'll also be able to post questions I have while reading books. :-)
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Welcome, Yuxiao. I'm new here, as well. :-)
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