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Hi! this site rocks!

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    Hey, just joined the site, actually just found out about it! I'm glad I did, I haven't read about physics since college! I miss it, does that make me weird? Probably not here right?

    Anway, I fly EA-6B Prowlers for the Marine Corps as the ECMO(navigator and Electronic Countermeasures Officer). The Prowlers mission is electronic attack, (jamming components of an air defense system), so if anyone out there works with that kind of stuff, I'd love to talk to you about it. I know we work with J. Hopkins a lot. We need you guys to help us with the complicated stuff!

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    Hi Pat, I know absolutely nothing about what you posted, but welcome to PF!
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    Welcome Pat, I have a friend in the Corps but he doesn't fly planes. Sounds like a cool job neverthless. Enjoy your stay.
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    Welcome to the PF pat
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    Thanks for the welcome guys.
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    Hi Pat, I just moved from Whidbey to Texas. Lived on Lindemans Way. You guys flew right over our rooftop and screamed along Dugualla Bay! It was great. I miss the sound of the planes...our neighbor was also a Marine, Mike...

    I would be most careful about talking to anyone about any of the components in use that are not unclassified...
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    Wow, thats really weird. Small world right?! I just moved here in December. I like it a lot so far though. Can you believe its only rained twice during the day in the past 2 weeks? And yes, the Prowler is very loud, I feel kind of bad for the people that live under the pattern.
    And don't worry, I won't talk about anything that is classified.
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    Welcome to Physics Forums, Pat1USMC!
    We'd think you were weird if you DIDN'T miss physics.
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    Yes... Welcome to PF, Pat-and-so-forth. I'm pretty new here myself, but I've come to realize that almost all (except for a few I could name) are very nice people. Some favorites of mine are Photon, Monique, Evo, Ivan Seeking, Tsunami, tribdog, zoobyshoe, and some others. All of the above are very cool people and are sure to help you out. I just know you'll love it here. :biggrin:
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    jimmy p

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    :frown: :mad: I'm not a favourite....UGH...i feel so "normal". UNCLEAN UNCLEAN!!!

    Oh yeah, hi Pat. Just like the Hotel California, you can never leave now. Unless you are called Holly. :rolleyes:
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