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Hi what's up!

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    Hi there!

    I'm a first year engineering student in Canada. What type of engineering? Well first year is general but I'm thinking of going into computer engineering or electrical engineering. CompE and Elec Eng have common first years, which is good for me because that means I have time to decide which to pick.

    I joined this forum because I have been relatively weak in physics. I remember getting a 60 on my first ever physics test in grade 11 (it was kinematics unit). Man, there were some tough problems with multi-steps and stuff! I did manage to get a 83 in the course in the end. Got a 81 in grade 12 physics. In my first year physics course at uni, I got a 84% on my midterm which is cool.

    My primary reason for joining this forum is to improve my grade by learning from reading threads. Maybe scouring old threads where homework problems were solved. Hopefully I can post my own homework question threads here if I can't find an old thread on it.

    Thanks for reading. Cheers!
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    Welcome to PF!
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