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Hi, would any experienced mechanical engineers help me with my assignment (interview)

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    HIhi, I am currently a college student whose taking introductory course of engineering, and I have an assignment about interviewing a mechanical engineer that has at least two years experiences. Personally I am very interested in mechanical engineering as well, so I wonder would any of you guys b willing to help me with my assignment, and we may use skype chat, or phone, email, whatever method at your convenience. (The interview can take about 30 mins to an hour. )Thanks alot! Jun o_O and my email is <<e-mail address deleted by Mentor>>
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    and here are the interview questions if you guys are willing to post answer to it when you feel like. thanks a bunch!!
     How does your work relate to your education?
     Was it difficult to ascertain what was required of you after you initially started working?
     What does your job actually consist of?
     Describe the typical day at work.
     What kind of engineering problems do you encounter?
     How much school course work is used in your job? (i.e. do you use much math and physics in your work ?)
     What courses from school were most useful to you on the job?
     What courses from school have been least useful?
     What is the work environment like? (friendly, formal, etc.)
     What are the people like? How is conflict dealt with?
     What is satisfying/dissatisfying in the job?
     Do you think you are paid equitably?
     Knowing what you know now about your profession, would you still choose to pursue it? What would you do the same/differently?
     Are there any special commitments in your job? (e.g. travel, overtime, social events, frequent relocations.)
     How do you stay current in your job?
     What are the future prospects for engineers in this country?
     If you were in my shoes, how would you enter the profession?
     What do you like best/least about working as an engineer?
     What do you think makes a "good" engineer?
     How important are writing and communication skills in your job?
     Describe your toughest job assignment.
     What one piece of advice could you offer to prospective engineers?
     Has the profession lived up to you expectations?
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