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Hi (:

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    1st year physics student from Europe. I often feel like Alice lost in wonderland of physics, but nothing beats the happiness of finally getting something right. :)
    I accidentally stumbled upon this forum, but I think it might become my new front page of internet. :)
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    Welcome aboard. :) The classical interview: What country are you from, what made you pursue physics and what's your favorite tennis player (male)? :)
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    I'm from Croatia (you know, where King's Landing is :D). What made me pursue physics is a tough one, I guess partially because it's a big challenge for me (I studied literature before), and mostly because I was (well still am) fascinated by the way it makes me perceive the world around me and how it helps me describe it. Plus I hear all the cool star wars kids are there :D
    And lastly, good one, I'll choose one from my country, and say Goran Ivanišević (that guy that won Wimbledon once), but I'm really not a huge tennis fan.
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    Welcome to PF!

    What areas of Physics / Math are you most interested in?
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