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Hidden phenomenon

  1. Apr 21, 2004 #1
    I decided to write to you directly in front of the importance of my discovery. I hope that you will not hold rigour of it and of my tinted English of French Canadian accent.I believe that this discovery can bring answers that are missing to the models of the universe we have.

    During the last 24 month I implied myself in the possible causes of the climatic fluctuation we had on earth as shown in ice coring which was carried out by different country in the layers of ice of artic or of the antartique one. As you are probably aware, those shown that the termperature of the earth had undergone fluctuations significant and cyclic for more than 500,000 years. Phases of these cycles, which brought our various ice and warming period on earth, are very symmetrical and repetitive.

    Dissatisfied of the various currently exposed theories concerning the possibles and theorical causes of these cycles, my research led me to discover what were truths causes of these cycles. More over, I discover that this was know in some inside occult circle since the beginning of the times.

    Rather to be slow and gradual temperature change that happen through the millenaires, this is something that happen in catastrophic manner and very brutally. This change my perception of our world and some of our scientific theories concerning physics, evolution, climatology and philosophy.

    It took me 6 month of verification accumulating dozens of proof and evidency before being able to discuss this with anyone. In fact so far, this was for me a poisoned gift.

    We have in our solar system 8 important planets. As you know, 4 of them are very important ( Jupiter, Saturne, Uranus, Neptune) in size and mass. Every single time that one of these planets are crossing the orbital path one and the other toward the earth (occultation), this causes a significant wave of energy on the earth being reflect significatively on the mean temperature of our planet. Not only relfecting in the temperature and on the atmospheric pressure but on mean sea level and on the sun spot and activity.

    This effect on the earth is incremental i.e. the more planets we have in the occultation the effect exponentially increase and may become catastrophic when 4 planets (5 with Mars) are involved.

    If we add Venus and Mecury and the Sun itself in the equation this seem to explain the vast majority of earth atmospheric pressure change.

    So far I had been able to verify this precisely since 1860 and less precisely since 10,000 years using dendrochronology records. In a less precise manner and according with the cross orbital cycle for the important events, this is about corresponding with 450,000 years of data accumulated in the ice sheet. This is a very precise effect I will say surgical, when the condition are met, the effect is there at 100%. When a temp cycle is there, condition previously explained are met at 95% of the times.

    This is absolutely not explainable by the Newton law since the effect distance is far greater than square inverse and far greater than we can expect according with the mass of the planets involved.

    Why do i feel this very important? Thousands of people died regularly from this. From sea level brutal modification, from brutal melting of mountain ice sheet etc.

    In fact, this was enough important to have Plato describe this effect literally and have some ancient calendar synchronize with the upcoming of this effect.

    Why here? If this effect is that important here locally in our solar system, it must be taking in account in the theory of the universe.

    I will be more than happy to talk about this and share everything I found during my research, graphics, data, hypothesis and upcoming danger with anyone

    Quebec, Canada
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    That part's right.

    What else in "planet alignment" do you have in mind other than common astrology and doomsday predictions?
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    dendrochronology is a good indicator of climate," close growth rings indicate
    poor growing conditions", planetary alignments may be coincidental to earth,
    "cycles", can you discount other variables?
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    Common astrology talk about the effect of the planets alignment over the "people". I do not know nothing about this and never intend to do so.

    Regarding doomsday prediction, I will not even try to go there.

    When I speak about thousands of people that died because of not knowing this, I was referencing to the end of 1998 when flow mud in venezuela kill 2000 peoples or when thousands of peoples died from sea level increase in south of India like it happens on a regular basis.

    But the question we have to ask ourself is:

    What is the exact cause of this sea level increase and temperature increase that peak about every 5 years?
    What is the cause of El Nino?
    What is the cause of our daily pressure change on earth?
    What is the cause of the ice and warm period that happens on the earth since 500,000 years as we could see on Vostok graphics?
    Nasa has include in their leading possibilities the Velikovsky theory, what is the cause of Velikovsky phenomenon?
    What was the cause of increase sun spot during the icy Oort period as report by Galileo? Is there any relationship?

    There is a lot's of nice paper theory on this but without any proof at all (magnetic earth shift, tenth planets etc).

    I am just saying that I found a specific correlation for the past 120 years with a 100% accuracy concerning temperature and sea level (which have the same phases). If we exclude the fact that earth sea level is controlling the orbital path of these planets, there is only one possible conclusion.

    Yes, this may be frightening or ludicrous for some people but as say Galileo "Si pur move", the correlation is there.

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    Welcome to Physics Forums Pierre!
    Can you share with us? I mean, what is the correlation that you have found?
    I'd not heard that before! Can you please give us a reference?
  7. Apr 21, 2004 #6
    Hello there,

    My name is Ike I was reading your insert and of course it is very interesting to find that someone else is looking for answers of weird things that happen and has an interest to try to find correlations between them. I personally don't live in or around the mediterranean or have any families that live in the area. But It intrigues me to find out that lately, (By lately I mean in the past year or so) I have seen reports of earthquakes pretty much around the mediteranean. I have also heard reports of lava release under the sea around the same area. Logic would tell you that the lava is hot and therefore would heat up the ocean water, which could increase the temperatures around the polar areas and therefore melt some of the caps or whatnot. Which in turn, could create a meltdown cooling down the water enough when the blocks start to travel, thus creating a temperature change and so on. Of course I probably am not telling you something you already don't know. But what bugs my curiosity what is causing the earthquakes in that zone? Could a change in energy cause such a weather change? At the speed the the earth travels around its core, is the earth polarized a certain way more than another planet is for example what is the most prominent mineral here on earth that gets polarized in a certain way? and what is the most prominent mineral in another planet that gets polarized in a certain way surely the polarization must be different. Just by the distance from the sun and the gravity differences there must be some sort of difference when it comes to this. Well if there is some sort of difference what is the short term effect of the revolution's nearby encounters or when these plannets pass close to each other. There probably isn't such a significant effect. On the other hand, like you were describing I think, there must be a significant long term effect on this. Last but not least, would modern time stressors play a role in all this as well? By modern time stressors I mean just about everything, like for example our smog in our major cities, all the microwaves that travel the earth by all our lovely cell phone aparatusus-big one, Radio wave transmissions, all the satelitte transmitting messages across our atmosphere Just all the space junk we have that is electronically able to transmitt messages back to us. Do you think that all this space junk just being an electronic apparatus up there isn't enough by itself to create extra drag on the plannet because they travel with the earth. I think Its just a messed up combination of items that is messing our earth up and that we as residents of this fine plannet are not doing enough to erradicate some of our major stressors such as the depleting of the ozone layer which surely is causing a temp increase in our plannet. Over and out.

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    Wouldn't the alignment of more planets=more gravity going through the earth, therefore the earth would SLIGHTLY move in towards the sun...?
  9. Apr 21, 2004 #8


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    Yes, but the difference is tiny: insignificant. If you're curious, its easily calculated from Newton's law...
  10. Apr 22, 2004 #9
    At the beginning of my investigation, I had no idea about planet alignment so i spend a lot of time with the other variables where the data was available like meteor, volcanos, earthquake etc, without any or very poor succes.

    Not accepting theory where historical proof was not available, a new clue came to my attention when analysing the maunder minimum, ( I said Oort in another posting, this is my mistake) period identify by our climatology specialist as an abnormal freezing period in Europe and the coincidence note by Galileo at the same period identifying that the Sun spot are different.

    This coincidence lead me to identify that every minimum or maximum are synchronize with alignment.

    As I state previously and this is very important, 100% or the adequat alignment have an effect on the earth temperature, but about 95% of the temperature event are synchro with an alignment which lead me to a think that there is a 5% of others (volcano, meteor, etc).

    A graphics representation that I made from 1880 to 1980 give the 95% result for 36 events including 13 more important events.

  11. Apr 22, 2004 #10
    Regarding velikovsky theory here is the best site I found with all the documentation. Basically he bring the idea and proof that the eart had move on his axis in a recent geological period.

    Also web pages related to him


    I elaborate graphical representation for the last 100 years of the correlation Alignement/Temp/Sea level that are too big to be post here. I also have establish correspondance with all the climatology anomalies as identify by clim specialist.
    I also have some periodicity establish with ancient time climatology as provide by vostok records and dendrochronology records.

    Regarding the past history, I found that a lot's of the ancient scientific had made reference to the specific subject Climate/celestial events. Some (Plato) had even describe the cause in elaborate detail.

    I had built a lot's of documentation explaining the subject in details(in french)

    Send me an email and I will share it


  12. Apr 22, 2004 #11
    Ike, I do not know. Reason why I was only refering to planet alignment is the temperature anomally direction. In the temp graphics, there are sudden abnormal high and also abnormal low. An increase of any earth activity will bring a high temp, there was no reason to the low and sudden temperature until I founded the relation with this phenomenon.

    On thing I found during the matching of the information is that MOST of the earthquake happens right after these phenomenon, my supposition was that the kind of effect able to retain or push the whole planet on his orbit is most certainly able to disrupt this fragile balance.

  13. Apr 22, 2004 #12
    Russ explanation is good. This well know law will not explain the low temperature peek that happen unless there is something else involved.

    We must take also in account that the weight of these planets in the same corner of our solar system does not have any impact at all, The impact is there only and only when there is an occultation of these planets.

  14. Apr 22, 2004 #13

    Have you collected any magnetic field data (solar and planetary)? I realized it's very difficult to detect magnetism in space unless there are charged particles at the location of measurement or maybe there is another way that I'm not aware of?
  15. Apr 22, 2004 #14


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    this site discuses the effects of planetary alignment
    on sunspot activity, it discounts gravitational efects
    but includes magnetic and electrical, for the possible
    cause for increase sunspots activity.
  16. Apr 22, 2004 #15

    Thanks for the site on effect of GMF on sunspots, solar flares and IMF. I am still reading it. I might have some question later.
  17. Apr 22, 2004 #16
    Since our solar system could be considered a "closed system" for the purposes of this discussion, it is somewhat obvious that changes(i.e. movement of planets) within that system affects other parts and aspects of it.
    The nature and degree of influence is of continual debate, so all verifiable observations/analysis are of importance.
    This is a difficult science, not to comprehend, but to refine and validate.
    Best of luck in your endeavors.
  18. Apr 25, 2004 #17


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    I am familiar with Velikovsky; I was asking about your claim that "Nasa has include in their leading possibilities the Velikovsky theory [...]" Please provide evidence that NASA is, or has, taken Velikovsky seriously.
  19. Apr 26, 2004 #18
    I can't.

    I believed that it was the case after being referred to a page concerning climatology vs Velikovsky at this place.


    by a NASA contact.

    The velikovsky reference is not there anymore, sorry for the waste of time.
  20. May 4, 2004 #19
    Hello John,

    I had lost your email adress this is the reason of my answer here.

    Yes, I suspect the phenomena is also concerning Sirius A and B. It may explain a lot's of things.


    PS reply to me for your email adress. Sorry for the delay.
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