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Hidden variable theories

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    do Hidden variable(local and non local) theories say all objects exist as a single objects in a single location rather than many locations at the same? unlike objects in superpostion?
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    just simple responses please like a yes or no as Im not very knowledgable
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    In Bohm Mechanics (a non-local hidden variable theory), each system is in a well-defined position at each instance of time.
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    a single state then? not a superpostion of states
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    wikipedia says hidden variables have many wave histories, does this mean hidden variables like pilot wave and t'hoofts have universes with many histories?
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    You may be reaching the limits of what wikipedia can do for you:frown: - at some point there's no substitute for a decent textbook and/or teacher to get a solid foundation.

    But if you can provide a pointer to the specific wikipedia quote you're thinking about, we may be able to give you a better answer.
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