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Hide Drive and restrict data/folders access

  1. May 19, 2005 #1

    How can i hide a drive from guests and restrict them from accessing those folders?

    I also found many softwares from search. Anyone using one? If so, which software u recommend?

    Thank You.
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    To restrict access to a drive: Log into admin mode, simply right click on the drive and click on "properties". Then click on "Sharing"...then check "make this folder private" Ofcourse, this varies from OS to OS, but should be approximately the same. I do not know much about any software that can do this.
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    I found a software calls folder guard. and it seems work well :P
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    I have used cleanslate and found it satisfying.
  6. Mar 31, 2007 #5
    Can I recommend Winfilter?

    I was really impressed by its profile feature (it help me switch system
    configuration easily and quickly).
    It also includes the following features:
    hide drives and files
    hide start menu icon
    hide program shortcuts
    hide desktop icons

    To know more detail, please check their website (http://updownsoft.com [Broken])
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    The best way to secure things and to keep the contents of your drive private is to format your hard drive in the NTSF format.
    Then log on as an administrator - right click on the drive in my computer - select properties and then on the security tab ,which i dont believe you get if your hard drive is formatted as FAT32.

    Then its a simple matter of highlighting a user name and ticking a box against the different permissions you wish to give that user for that drive.

    You may need to add a user which is a simple matter of clicking on the advanced tab and adding them .

    Most importantly dont forget to give yourself permission before you apply your setting. I find its always good to have a second account which has full access to everything just in case.
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    An alternative is to encrypt the data.
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    Dont you mean NTFS? :smile: anyway I would also recommend NTFS on Windows to lock down access to your data. The best way is what MeJennifer has suggested, encryption. If you dont encrypt your data, it is quite easy to override any NTFS permissions you give folders, and files. (Just boot into Konppix for example).
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