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Higgs beam

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    When you accelerate higgs.. would it travel the same as photon with alternating magnetic and electric field travelling on permissitity and permeability of the vacuum. In other words, how do you make scalar particles travel?

    If we can make really sensitive Higgs detector.. then you make higgs radio out of it by sending it from one side to another on earth by passing thru the core?
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    It seems to me you are confusing a photon with the classical electromagnetic field. Classical electromagnetic fields are essentially coherent states of the quantised field and photons are single excitations.

    Higgs are not at all related to the electromagnetic field. In addition, there is no way that you could accelerate a Higgs boson to do anything with it. There are several obstacles, the first being to produce the Higgs beam. The way Higgses have been produced is through collisions of protons, which only in very rare cases produces a Higgs but normally produces a ton of other particles. The second problem is the Higgs lifetime, it is extremely short - so short you can consider it instant for most purposes. Note that what is seen at the LHC detectors are not Higgses, but their decay products. The Higgses decay before reaching the measuring apparatus.
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    The lifetime of a Higgs boson is about 10-22 seconds. That is not even long enough to cross a single atom.
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    Ok. I just wanted to know how scalar particles (not necessarily higgs) travel in the vacuum compared to vectorial particles.. ?
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    In the same way non-scalar particles travel. They just fly in some direction.
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