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Higgs Boson particle

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    Hello my name is Jonas. I dont understand what the Higgs-Boson particle is and what its significance is. Could someone explain this to me in laymens terms so I know what Im looking for to do further study on this. Just message me. Thanks and have a good day....Jonas
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    First, we don't do messaging to answer questions, we put the answers in the thread. Second, we don't do 2 questions in the same thread because it gets too confusing. Please delete your second question and start it in a new thread.
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    Second off-topic post was deleted.

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    Wikipedia: Higgs boson should give a good overview.

    Particle physics, in particular the Standard Model.
    Keep in mind that a proper theoretical understanding of the Higgs mechanism (which is related to the Higgs boson) will need some years of education in particle physics.
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