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Higgs Bosons

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    In what way the theorethical Higgs bosons (if experimentally detected) will contribute to the Theory of Everything ?

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    the first and foremost verification would be that we actually know how elementary particles acquire their mass. It would be a hughe victory for the validity of QFT

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    Do you mean string theory when you ask about the theory of everything? Because the standard model of particle physics is not a theory of everything by any means.
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    Thanks for the reply.
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    Higgs mechanism

    I think this is debatable. The Higgs mechanism just pushes the burden of explanation for mass, to another particle. It doesn't simplify the problem. QFT doesn't say what mechanism governs how higgs bosons stick to particles and give different "masses".


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    Yep Maaneli, after all, we are left to research the coupling of the Higgs with each particle. Still, it will wipe some alternative mechanism and clear the path for this research.
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    what exactly do you mean by this ?

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    I mean, if the Higgs mechanism is confirmed, other mechanisms are discarded, say condensation mechanisms, technicolor, topcolor...

    The discard of top-based mechanisms is particularly disturbing because the top is there, sitting at 175 GeV, and one would expect it to have a role in the breaking mechanism.
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    these topics are not very familiar to me, honestly.

    what is technicolor or topcolor ?

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    Are no familiar to nobody (well, perhaps some experts), but well, there exist, and the particle data group does searches for such mechanisms, and there are publications listed in spires and the arxiv. Technicolor was a try of using an extra interaction similar to color but scaled up so it was able to justify the spontaneus symmetry breaking. When the top was found at a high scale, some people realised that the top/antitop could be used with the same goals. There are some variants of these theories, in competition with the Higgs ideas.
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