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Higgs mass

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    Forgive if I'm being sarcastic, but I just read on the Higgs mechanism, giving mass to the fermions and bosons. But at the same time, Higgs itself has mass? Isn't that abit irony?
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    There are two separate concepts:: Higgs field (the mechanism) and Higgs particle.
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    I meant the Higgs mechanism itself used the Higgs field to couple to the bosons to give them their masses, via a Higgs vev. But at this point, I guess I should have read the arxiv paper more properly. Now I notice that had if the Higgs vev = 0, so too will the Higgs mass. I think I can say that, not only does the Higgs mechanism gives mass to the fermions and bosons, but also to the Higgs particle itself ?
    Also, in the same arxiv paper: http://www.arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/0503172
    what is first order and how did the author use it to obtain equation 1.33 ?
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