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Higgs mechanism(?)

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    I wanna gain an understanding of Higgs mechanism
    I know I can't understand it precisely without knowing enough group theory,representation theory and etc. but I just wanna have sth like a chronologically ordered list of what happens that separates EM and weak interactions and gives particles their mass.

    I've read the wikipedia pages about it but two seemingly different explanations were there(which I think if I knew enough math,could link them)
    One says sth like this:
    At first there is a Higgs field with non-zero strength in all of space and also other fields all with zero mass,then at a critical temperature the higgs field becomes tachyonic and to become stable,it produces particles called goldstone bosons.These bosons interact with W and Z bosons and give them mass.Fermions also gain mass but with a different method,with Yukawa coupling.

    A different explanation which seems to be the mathematical one using group theory,which I don't understand well.But it says sth like this:
    SU(2)xU(1) has four generators,three of them break spontaneously and give rise to goldstone bosons which,in turn,interact whit W and Z bosons and give them mass.The fourth generator becomes the Higgs particle.This explanation doesn't say how fermions gain mass.

    In addition to what I said in the first paragraph,I also have this question:
    Particles are excitations of fields,right?
    So Higgs bosons should be excitations of the Higgs field so they should exist before the EWSB and the Higgs particles which appear after that,should be somehow different.right?
    But I can't find the answers to above questions

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