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Higgs ocean, dark energy and quantum fluctuations: related manifestations?

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    Brian Greene in "The Fabric of the Cosmos" gives the above three as indirect, universal fields in which we exist but have not yet directly detected. Could they be mathematically interlinked among themselves or with immediately observable phenomena?
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    I'll withhold judgment about an interrelationship until there is more convincing evidence that any of them exist. Dark energy is the one with the most evidence behind it, but even there, there is simply an observed effect that could have multiple possible causes.
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    If they could, they would.
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    Would you all care to compare even qualitatively, if not quantitatively, possible similarities amongst the three or how they influence us?
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    https://www.physicsforums.com/journal.php?s=&action=view&journalid=13790&perpage=10&page=2 [Broken]

    Looren, read the "on virtual particles and dark energy" entry on the above page.
    You will need to scroll down a bit

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    I had overlooked that popular hypothesis, marlon; thanks for reminding me. How about working in the Higgs field as well, anyone?
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