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Higgs spin measurement

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    How would someone measure the Higgs spin?
    I have a feeling that the spin would somehow affect the symmetry of the decays...? A spin zero would have to show a spherically symmetric distribution of decay products (independent on ##\theta##, maybe a little dependent on ##\eta## due to the construction of the detector and not because of the particle's spin).
    However my problem with that is that we don't see the decays of the Higgs, but the secondary particles... for example the HZZ coupling would give 0-2-4 detectable leptons as a signal from the Z decays. Let's take the 4l channel decay of the Z bosons, should the 4 leptons appear symmetrically? Because the Z spin is not zero...I hope I made clear my problem :/
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    The ATLAS and CMS publications describe how they do that. Which part is unclear?
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