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Higgs spin

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    I tried searching through but didn't find this asked.
    If the spin of the particle detected at LHC comes back as 2, for instance, does it mean it's not a higgs boson?
    There are 5 higgs in supersymmetry, do they all have spin 0?
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    The standard model Higgs is necessarily spin-0 as are the 5 Higgses of the simplest SUSY models. As for whether a spin-2 particle could be a Higgs particle of some sort, I can say that I've never heard of such a thing; but, you'd need to get someone who has more familiarity with spin-2 in field theory to say for sure whether it's possible for a spin-2 particle to be responsible for symmetry breaking.
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    In the standard model, all of the quantum numbers of the Higgs particle are zero - for a very good reason. The Higgs field is a condensate of Higgs particles that permeates all space. If the Higgs had nonzero spin, so would the vacuum, and the effect would be to break Lorentz invariance.
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