Higgs strahlung

  1. Hello dear everyone

    I would like to ask if someone can help me with the following two things:

    1) How many different feynman diagrams can one possibly draw for Higgs strahlung production that is of 4th order? The mediator should be Z-particle.

    2) Formulate an equation for the amplitude (also known as the matrix element) of just one of those diagrams.

    Your help is so much appreciated.
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  3. Do you mean a 4th order QCD correction? Or you want the weak corrections and qcd corrections?

    Can you write a 1st order correction matrix element?
  4. It should only be the weak corrections of 4th order, be cause we are using electron and positron.

    I have writen one, but not sure if its correct.. What is challenging is the H ray; how to treat that?

    Do u know how many different diagrams one can make of 4th order correction in this case? :)
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