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Higgsmechanism, or not?

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    The subject must have been mentioned before but I didnt find any thing so I thougt I better make a new thread.
    The question is simple but I will also explain how I think so you guys can correct me where I wrong.
    Does the space consists of any thing?
    Yes I know that the speed of light is relative, but I dont mean in that way that its a medium for electromagnetism. My thoughts goes around a rotating boil of water, why does the water climb up the walls?
    I know about the Higgsmechanism but is this reallt the answer to this question? If there wasn´t any Higgsmechanism would the water stay down from the walls?
    The water should be able to claim that the universe is rotating.

    Ps. sry for my english.
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    What you are talking about is Mach's principle. It has strictly nothing to do with the Higgs mechanism. Google on Mach's principle, and you'll find a start on that discussion.
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