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High Energy Electron Collisions

  1. Sep 26, 2008 #1

    I have two electrons one at (0,0,0) in a (x,y,z ) grid with velocities (.99c, 0,0) respectively and the other at (1000,0,0) with velocities (-.99c,0,0). Considering relativity and other factors, I need to find whether or not they hit where if they do collide to find their resultant (x,y,z) velocities as well as functions for their separation, velocities, and accelerations before and after collision. If they don't collide, I need to find the distance at which they both come to rest and then accelerate the opposite direction and functions for the separation, velocities, and accelerations before and after the direction reversal.

    They both exert a gravitational force and electromagnetic force on each other slowing them down, but I don't have the right equations or know how to manipulate them correctly to get what I want.

    Any help would be appreciated and the more thorough work the better.

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