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High Energy Electron

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    i have 1 question:
    When a very high energy electron hits a target material, four particles emerge from the target, that is three electrons and a positron, instead of just two electrons, the incident and ejected electrons. It seems that the two extra particles are created out of nothing. Do you agree with this statement?
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    No. They are created, via Einstein's famous ##E=mc^2##, from the energy of the incoming electron.
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    I would say 5 particles emerge. 3 electrons, a positron, and a cation. The cation is important because it is required for conservation of charge. The net charge before the collision is -1 and the net charge afterwards is also -1. All other quantities are also conserved.
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    The description of what happens is correct. "Created out of nothing" is just a set of words. I do not think there is any additional meaning here, just opportunities for confusion.
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