High Energy Physics

  1. I've always been fascinated by the simplicity and elegance intertwined within the fabric of High Energy Physics, from Particle Physics to Superstring Theory/LQG and it has convinced me that this is a field I wish to pursue. The idea discoursing my dream is: "Is this still a fruitful area of research that has future potential?" I understand that the LHC has just begun operation and there is continuous research on quite remarkable topics but there is much uncertainty. Is Superstring Theory/LQG incorrect? Will CERN just discover the Higgs Boson leaving the field barren of critical data to venture deeper into the workings of our universe. These are questions I need answered because my life is rooted within this research area and I feel unbelievable inspiration to pursue these studies and search deeper into the beauty of our Universe.
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  3. As far as I can tell, LQG/String theories as of now don't have testable predictions...
    So working on them is purely theoretical nowdays.
  4. Not that I understand any of this, but I heard that the LHC could confirm some of the assumptions of String theory, such as the existance of supersymmetric particles or of extra dimensions. Not a test of the theory per se, but it may indicate that all this string business might go in the right direction.
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