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  1. Hi every one,
    This time i am studying Quantum field theory and some times we call also high energy physics. But when we study QCD, more we focus on the confinement part, i.e non-perturbative part. That means low energy or large distance. My question is, can we consider non-perturbative QCD as high energy physics?
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    This is not an answer to your question, just a "cultural" correction.

    Please note that QFT is NOT "some times called high energy physics"! QFT is a methodology in quantum mechanics. It is also used in other areas of physics that is not high energy physics, especially in condensed matter physics. In fact there have been significant advancement and understanding of QFT from work done in condensed matter.

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    Non-perturbative QCD is still on the order of MeVs. You might not think of it as high energy compared to multi-GeV collisions in an accelerator, but chemical energies are on the order of eVs, and atomic energies can get into tens of keVs. MeV is a lot of energy.
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