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High Fidelity 2 Axis Gyro

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    I want to model a free 2 axis free gyro. I used to have a very detailed model, but cannot find it. It was cross coupled, and included many disturbance torques. All I am looking for is a great source on this topic. Thanks!

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    Hi again. I have managed to put together a gyro model that incorporates all of the classical effects/properties. The flywheel is a magnet so I can spin it and precess it with electromagnetic fields. Works great!

    But now I am stuck. Imagine that the axis which the flywheel spins on comes into contact with something (a stop). This is done to keep the gyro pitching and yawing within a limited range. What happens when the non-rotating axis touches the stop? How to model? Clearly, if the gyro was precessing (in pitch), then the pitch body rotation will come to a stop. I am looking for a realistic way to model this.

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