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High Impedance Coils

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    Hello All,

    I have been doing some experiments with inductors of various sizes and inductances. I was wondering if anyone here knows of any suppliers out there that sell high impedance air-core inductors (a few thousand turns of high gauge wire (30 gauge or so)) that can be purchased off the shelf. So far, I have been winding my own on empty radio shack spools but really need to get some that are wound better than the ones I make. One place I used in the past was parts express but most of their inductors are using larger gauge wire (AWG20 and lower). What do you all think?

    Jason O
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    Another option would be to buy a used coil winding machine off of e-Bay. Something like this hand-powered one:


    One of the engineers that I worked with had his own personal machine like that one, and he brought it in to work several times when we were experimenting with various transformer designs that used bobbins.
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    Hi berkeman,

    thanks for the tip, I'll look into that more :-).

    - Jason O
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