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High pressure air regulator

  1. Nov 10, 2012 #1
    I'm working on a pneumatics project, which requires me to blast high pressure air through a set of solenoids.

    The problem I'm having is controlling the air pressure. The bottle of compressed air comes with around 2000 psi when full. I found out through trial and error that my solenoids refuse to open on anything more than 1200-1300 psi.

    I tried draining the bottle to a low enough pressure so the solenoids will open. Then I run into the issue of the pressure steadily dropping as I consume it, its no longer useful to me after it gets below 1000 psi.

    I tried to track down a high pressure output regulator, but haven't had much luck. There seems to be a few companies out there making them, but they're quite expensive (300$-1000$), such as the one Parker makes. Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative to those expensive regulators? I can find 400-500 psi regulators all over for around 30$, do I really have to pay 10 times the price for 3 times the pressure?

    What common application would use such a regulator? Searching for "high pressure regulator" doesn't seem to be working for me, I figure I could try and search for a particular industrial application that uses them.
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