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High pressure chromatography?

  1. Nov 5, 2003 #1
    What are the applications and advantages/disdvantages of using gas
    and high pressure chromatography? Why does the pharmaceutial industry
    use chromatography?

    Any info would be much appreciated

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    Term paper, huh? Look for "review" articles --- Chemical Review is an obvious first place, then it's off to Chem. Abstracts, or Physics Abstracts.
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    GC and HPLC are great analytical tools. But can't be used for seperation. The pharmaceutical industry hates chromatography with a passion and would much rather take a hit with yield than not running a seperation.
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    I don't quite understand, why you even say that they can not be used for seperation. They are not meant for seperating, only for analyzing.

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    Other forms of chromatography are commonly used for bulk seperation. They all seperate of course...
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    "Preparative chromatography" produces 2k hits, GC, LC, and HPLC --- analysis rather than separation? Huh? That's the analytical principle --- the separation of components from each other.

    Iowa State (?) used to run a commercial separation of lanthanides; this day and age, EPA and OSHA would probably bankrupt you with disposal fees before you could fail gracefully as a consequence of an insufficient market for chromatographic separations --- it's expensive, it's a special case (cost is no object) method, and it's entirely too time consuming for accounting depts/divs.

    2k hits? Obviously still around.

    Edit: Google math is as peculiar as "new math," 2k = 575 by actual count.
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