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High pressure face seal

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    I'm doing a design which requires a face seal with internal gas pressure of 3000 psig. An elastomer face seal at that pressure may run into some issues. The threaded connection between the parts that retain the seal is small and the female thread is alum which will strip under high torque which may make using a metal seal challenging. Any material suggestions I should check out for this face seal?
    Blake J
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    How big is the small part that retains the seal?
    What temperatures and gas chemistry does it need to handle.

    Is this a rotating connection or static. Pump drive shafts sometimes employ flat ceramic face seals.

    An ORFS = O-Ring Face Seal, has two flat surfaces, one with a circular groove to hold an O-ring. The O-ring seats against the outer surface of the groove. When tightened the ring is fully enclosed but any pressure pushes it against the outer joint between the surfaces. You must make sure that the faces are flat so as to prevent extrusion of the O-ring.

    ORFS works quite OK at 3000 psi with hydraulic fluid. http://www.ryco.com.au/index.php?id=221
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    Thanks Baluncore, I'm going to use a face seal with an elastomer. It's a static seal for use with various inert gasses and no temperature extremes. If I bottom out metal to metal on the outside of the groove, I shouldn't have to worry about extrusion like I would if sealing in a bore w/o a backup ring.
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    Dynamic loads are a horse of a different color. An elastomer seal may not be suitable.
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