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High purity germanium detector

  1. Apr 4, 2015 #1
    hi there!

    I am nurul ain,new member here.

    I have a question regarding gamma ray detector, the high purity germanium detector or aka HPGe. What is meant by the detection efficiency at specific gamma-ray energy (εγ)? and whether the emission probability of the corresponding gamma-ray energy and the intensities are actually the same thing?

    Thank you! Have a nice day!:kiss:
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    I'd guess that it refers to the percentage of photons at that specific energy that get detected. Since gamma ray photons can penetrate a lot of shielding, I imagine a large portion of them pass through the detectors without being absorbed and detected.
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    I see. You made it clearer now. Thank youu. And is there any ways/formulas/equations that can be used to find the efficiency? Or is it a constant?
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    Oh I'm sure there are. I just have no idea what those might be. :wink:
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    Hehe. Guess i have to keep looking then. . Thank youu. Have a nice day!☺️
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