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High purity seal options

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    I have an application which requires a high purity reciprocating seal at 3000psig. An AS 568 size -002 o-ring is the size I need or close to it (must work on an nominal ∅.046" shaft.) Teflon or FFKM (like Kalrez etc.) would be acceptable, but spring energized Teflon seals are tougher at that size for 3kpsig. I've thought about encapsulated o-rings but haven't found anyone who makes them at that size. FFKM seals seem like the best bet at this point, they're just so incredibly expensive. If anyone has other options, thoughts, or sources to check out, I'd love to hear them. Thanks!
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    Any chance that you could use stacked split rings, like automotive piston rings but with the gaps offset from each other to provide total sealing, or would that put too much friction on the shaft?
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    Very interesting thought. I'll explore that one. Thanks.
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