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High Quality Audio CD burning

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    What are the things to try and control when attempting to burn a high quality audio CD for my CD player in my truck?

    I am sure there is a bit rating on the file, but are there other things that I can change to get better quality out of my burns?

    Do better quality CD's make a difference? If so, any recommendations?

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    If you burn them as regular audio files (duplicates) the disks will be indistinguishable from the originals. If you compress them to MP3s, that's when you will have to start weighing the sacrifice of quality vs the extra capacity. When you're flying down the road with noise from the drive-train, wind, tire noise, etc, is the little loss of quality from fairly heavy compression going to be noticeable to you? Only your ears can tell you that.

    BTW, the "quality" of the writable CDs is a very minimal player here. Get them on sale, protect them from road-dust and abrasion, and keep them in a safe place. They'll last.
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    Just be careful about "on sale" for too low a cost. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. Do you want a pack of CD's that cost about 50 to 75 % off, including some rebates? Maybe one-third of the discs will work, and the rest are bad. Buy good discs; do not buy cheap discs.
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    BTW, cd data is cd data: 44.1 khz, 2 channel, 1.4 megabits, uncompressed. It isn't adjustable.

    As said, the determining factor is the quality of the source, assuming you are doing a mix of other digital files.
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    I have backed up tons of data (images, research, etc) to CDs that I ordered from Staples during sales and promotions. I don't recall ever tossing a disk because it wouldn't format or write properly. If you are having problems of that magnitude, you should either clean your CD writer or buy a new one. Something is not right.
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    There is also the APE format, which compresses a lot less, but retains all the information, but that won't work in a truck. Unless you take your laptop.

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    I must have had a bad CD.

    Wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing any settings that would improve things.

    Thanks to all...
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