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High-quality safety glasses?

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    Hello everyone. I am starting my degree in chemical engineering after a 10 year hiatus from school and need some suggestions on some high-quality safety glasses for the various labs I will encounter along the way. What I am mostly concerned with at this point in time is the quality of the lenses - I cannot stand the distortion of cheap glasses! Instant headache for me. Of course, protection is a key element but I would rather not buy goggles at this time as they seem to constantly fog up.

    Thank you for any suggestions,
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    Greetings moouers:

    The only thing that I could suggest is a full face shield. It covers the entire face, does not usually fog up, and is far enough from your eyes not to cause excessive distortion, and can be flipped up when not needed. It is bulkier than glasses though and one would have to adjust the head band properly.
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    Consult with an optometrist. You don't need an opthamologist, but just someone good with lenses. I've had the same issue, and when you're going to be wearing the lenses for much of your career, it's worth getting a good pair made in high grade materials without the distortion of the cheap lenses you can order from generic catalog sources. They'll be expensive, because you'll be getting a prescription grade lens without needing the prescription, but worth it if you're prone to headaches and eye strain from cheap lenses.
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    Thank you both for your answers! About how much would a prescription set of lenses cost me? I don't need to correct my vision, if that makes a difference.
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