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High-Resolution Brain Atlases in CyberSpace

  1. Jul 10, 2005 #1
    High-Resolution Brain Atlases in CyberSpace

    (I-Newswire) - After a long decade of the U.S. sponsored Human Brain Project, we still have not advanced our understanding of brain structure and function very far. In particular, the availability of online high-resolution brain atlases has been sorely lacking, though the technology and means have been around for well over a decade.

    This has been remedied by the recent appearance of online high-resolution atlases at a new site called BrainMaps.org, whose official description is: "BrainMaps.org is a digital cytoarchitectural atlas based on high-resolution images of serial sections of monkey brains that is fully integrated with a high-speed database server for querying and retrieving data about primate brain structure and function over the internet."

    Maybe this is the start of something that is going to advance our understanding of brain structure and function rapidly? You be the judge. Ever wonder what's going on inside your head. Well, now you can go and look in excruciating detail at http://BrainMaps.org . Happy brain hunting!
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