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High rise building fire in Caracas

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    Few weeks ago there was that huge fire in a high rise tower in Caracas/Venezuela,does that building collapsed?
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    There were more high towers fires in last 20-30 years, how many of them managed to destroy the building completelly?
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    Doesn't look like anyone has a clue. Try Google?
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    It is very rare that a high-rise fire causes the building to collapse.

    Along a similar vein, most high-rise fires can easily be stopped by a sprinkler system.
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    I have a friend that is from Venezuela. I will ask him tomorrow
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    Glenn told me that this building is the tallest of Venezuela, and that the fire only affected the superior levels of the building, from the 70 storey upwards. So far, the building hasn't collapsed yet...
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    Thanks v.much.
    I wonder how much money gonna cost them to fix all the water smoke damage.?I guess better for them to just blow up this building like they did WTC 1-2.
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    There can be several problems with working on a fire damaged bulding, such as air systems contaminated by toxic fumes or airbourn asbestos. However, if it is still structurally sound, smoke and water damage are largely cosmetic (damaged drywall, carpet, ceilings, etc.) and it would probably be cheaper to keep the structure and gut and rebuild the interior and repair or replace various damaged systems.
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