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High school chem project [preferably on toxicology]

  1. Jul 16, 2007 #1
    hi all.. this is rohan here. It's time for the high school chem project, and i want to do a project on toxicology, though if i get a better idea in any other subject [related to chem], i'd do that too..

    so.. i'm asking you for an idea for a high school chem project.. and preferably one on toxicology..

    Other than toxicology, i'd also love to do something on quantitative analysis.

    Basically, we can do a project as a part of a research or experiments.. it can really be anything at high school level, pertaining to chemistry.

    for example, some last year projects include: determining the %age of nicotine in various cigarette brands, determining the %age of alcohol in various cigarette brands, determining the %age of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and halogens in various organic compounds, dying of cloth using azo-dye [some reaction which has to do with azonium di-chloride, don't exactly remember it.. has a vibrant orange color and they used it as a dye], making a meter bridge using electrolytes [electrochemistry] and so on..

    so.. i hope it's clear on what type of project it can be.. any suggestions.. thanks a lot in adv.

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