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High School Classes

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    I am currently a junior in high school and I am deciding on what classes to take for next year. As of now I am signed up for Physics C(mechanics) and AP chemistry as my science classes. I took Calculus AB this year and I didn't do too well(didnt stay caught up with the homework) and I'm not planning on taking BC my senior year because I can't stand my teacher. I'm figuring that the chemistry class will make up for it and I can just continue calculus in college, but I am interested in majoring in physics for college, so I was wondering if this would be an acceptable plan or not.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!
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    I am a physics major currently finishing my sophomore year. I entered college having taken Calculus AB and Physics B in high school and I am doing just fine. The work, however, is difficult but if you do well on the Physics C exam it might be a relatively easy first two semesters for you.
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    Thanks for the reply! Just out of curiosity, what field of physics are you studying the most? I'm really new to all of it but it has really been a cool experience all year and I'm trying to figure out which area I like the most.
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    Well, as only a sophomore I am not really able to focus on one particular area of physics. The curriculum at this point dictates what I study.
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