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High school math question

  1. May 27, 2009 #1
    hello all, im a sophmore in high school, currently taking a geometry honors class (my high school goes alg2/accel -> geo -> precalc -> intro to calc/ab/bc, for the higher level math classes-- no multivariable, linear alg, etc.) last year, as well as the year before, i did terrible in math, but that was because i couldn't have cared less about it. not sure why i had that mindset, and sadly, im kicking myself for it. but, now that i'm actually applying myself, its so absurdly easy that i feel as if it'll never be remotely challenging. so, a question- will math become even slightly challenging/interesting in high school? or will i have to wait until my physics or engineering major for that(meaning plenty of self-studying will be in order)?
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    If you find that there aren't enough challenging courses offered at your high school, you can always go to a local university and take courses there. I would suggest you do this over self-studying, as this could count for college credit.
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    It almost certainly won't. If you want a challenge you'll have to look elsewhere unfortunately. There are a lot of books you can find designed to challenge high schoolers.
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