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High school mathematics compared to UK

  1. Jul 31, 2012 #1

    I'm thinking about going to school in the US (perhaps) and i'm curious on the things that top US high school students covers before heading to do a undergraduate degree in mathematics. Here is a list of topics i'll be covering, generally the harder stuff:

    -Hyperbolic functions (using identities, definitions and inverse of hyperbolic functions)
    -Further coordinate systems (ellipse, hyperbola equations of simple loci),
    -Differentiation (differentiating hyperbolic functions, trigonmetric functions),
    -Vectors (vector product, writing the equation of a plane in the scalar, vector, or Cartesian form),
    -Further matrix algebra ( 3x3 matrices etc)
    -Integration (standard integrals, finding the lenth of an arc of a curve, area of a serface of revolution, integration by parts and substitution)
    -Partial fractions,
    -Binomial expansion,
    -Trigonometric functions

    There is a lot more, but this tends to be the higher stuff,
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