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I have just learned that I will be teaching physics this year. It is the first year that the school will have physics (a new school). I have not taught physics before. The administrator thought that they had a textbook, but they do not. I am looking for a physics textbook for this year, it must be an older edition so I can by used. The students start on Monday, I just found out I am teaching physics yesterday. Next year the school will be ordering all new books so I just need something to get by. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a good textbook?

Thank you for your help

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For my AP Physics class we used College Physics by Serway and Faughn. It was pretty good and had lots of homework problems to practice. You can prolly find used versions of it. I'm just a student btw, but I thought the book was pretty useful.
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Is this AP Physics B or C, or regular physics?
for AP B: Giancoli
for AP C: Haliday and Resnick
for regular: Serway